Palestine, a crossroad of religions

The Holy Land, Palestine is the place where the three Abrahamic religions were born, diverged, and then intersected again throughout history. My trip there did not have a religious focus, but even so, I was impressed by the density of the religious landmarks and the devotion of the believers. Some of them – Palestinian residents […]

The Crocodiles of the Sepik, Papua New Guinea

Life on the Sepik the canoe – the indispensable method of transport on the Sepik River, carved out of a single tree trunk The atmosphere was tense in the boat. We were surrounded by silence and darkness. Every few seconds, a flying fish smaller than my palm would violently shatter the stillness, making my heart […]

The Mt. Hagen Show in pictures*

An outer-worldly experience There’s little I can say about the Mt. Hagen Show in the highlands of Papua New Guinea that would get remotely close to depicting the experience of being there. In a nutshell, I was in the middle of what felt like an old National Geographic documentary. Thousands of miles away from what […]

Rwanda then and now. The rebirth after the Genocide

I met Donatella on a minibus going from Gisenyi to Ruhengeri. She works ‘with the schools’ in a church-led program and she’s from the French-educated generations*. I congratulated her for how clean and organized everything was in Rwanda. My praise was heartfelt and honest and I could see the pride in her eyes when receiving […]