Fall in Scotland

There are many reasons to fall in love with Scotland.

One for every lake, one for every fjord, one for every time season changes within five minutes, maybe one for every glass of scotch. And if you’re going in autumn, one for every leaf that turned color. But the best way to talk about Scotland is to let the photos speak for themselves.

early sun rays between rain drops at Rannoch Moor
early sun rays between rain drops at Rannoch Moor
red maple leaf almost dried up
glamorous till the end
lonly fruit hanging on a branch with forest in background
hanging on
road cutting through the forest in autumn
road trip, anyone?
bridge in the pink sunrise light
the sun rises at the other end of the bridge
gloomy day in Portree, Scotland
gloomy day in Portree
low clouds and mist in the horizon where ocean meets the earth
night meeting day, Earth meeting the ocean
Old Man of Storr, Scotland
the Old Man watching over Storr
Scottish cow portrait
hey sexy!