5 reasons to go to Norway in winter

Yes, I know it’s cold. But I also know there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only unsuitable clothing. Here are five reasons to pack your long johns and head to Norway.

1. Northern lights, of course!

northern lights in winter in Norway

This was the obvious one so I put it first on the list to get it over with. But really, the Aurora Borealis is one of the most magical displays that Mother Earth puts on for us and northern Norway is one of the best places to enjoy the show. So yeah, it’s definitely worth making plans to see it, just make sure you double up on the long johns as it can get crispy out there at night.

2. The fjords

reflection of Fjords in winter in Norway

Is it the water cutting through the mountains or is it the rocks rising from the ocean? I don’t know… but the result is spectacular.

3. the short days

pink sunrise in the fjords in winter in Norway

I have to admit that I was looking at the empty half of the glass (i.e. long nights) and I almost didn’t go to Norway because I didn’t find it appealing to spend so much time in darkness. But I did go and I realized that long nights also means late sunrises and early sunsets. Is there anything better than getting out of a cozy bed at 9 am to pink skies that hold their color for a couple of hours? Actually, there is: waking up at 8 am and catching said sunrise cruising through the fjords. Magic!

4. Whales. lots of them

whales in the sunset in Tromso, in winter in Norway

Norway is a bit like a winter holiday home for orcas and they keep coming back to the areas around Tromsø to chill (see what I did there?). Location varies each year but, between November and January, there’s pretty much 100% chances of seeing them with an organized a tour. When I went whale watching, the numbers were in the hundreds of orcas and tens of humpbacks. All that with the stunning fjords and colorful sunset in the background!

5. Winter wonderland

winter wonderland in Tromso, Norway

It must be because they get such long winters, but Norwegians definitely know how to deal with the cold: cozy interiors anywhere you go, outdoor spaces with heaters, cushions and blankets that look so inviting that you forget it’s -5C and stop for a tea, picture-perfect houses and the snow that makes everything look like a fairy-tale.

bonus: fresh sea food

With so much coastline, it’s a bit of no-brainer that there’s seafood to your heart’s content. If you’re an adventurous eater, you can treat yourself to some lye fish and if not, just go for a good ‘ol sushi and you won’t be disappointed. Or fish and chips.